Rambler Homes Make Their Way into Luxury Living

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Home styles, designs and decor are constantly changing – as in fashion; some styles come and go, and come back again. Ramblers, also known as ranch-style houses, were popular in the 1940s and 1970s. Known for their single level living space and minimal exterior and interior design elements, ramblers were often the choice for first-time home buyers and new families.

After a several-decades lull, ramblers are becoming popular again, but with some luxury elements and architectural details added - we like to call ours Luxury Ramblers. Mingling classic ranch single-level living with contemporary elements and design details that are distinctive on the exterior and reimagined spaces and floor plans on the interior. Luxury ramblers are perfect for families at any stage and also for empty nesters and people who want to stay in their homes long term.

Luxury Ramblers in Minnesota6412 Luxury Rambler Creek Hill Custom Homes MN

First time buyers, baby boomers, and just about everyone in between are finding ramblers an inviting option with the main floor living design that these homes offer. And we see why! These classic designs make a smaller footprint on the lot so you can either have a larger site with more yard, have space for future expansion, or choose to keep the lot small. Luxury ramblers offer the simplicity of single level living without sacrificing spacious, well-thought out floor plans.

New details make luxury ramblers stand apart from their mid-century counterparts with

  • large windows
  • vaulted ceilings that help bring in natural light
  • spacious floor plans
  • exteriors with architectural details

A Home Design with No Expiration Date

Ramblers fit a variety of lifestyles - modern in their infrastructure and easier to upgrade than larger, multiple story homes, which makes them more cost effective initially and in the long run. Ramblers are an alternative to apartments or two-story living spaces for the mature generation with designs that allow for long-term independence, removing the concern of stairs while maintaining the modern efficiency of a luxury rambler.

Creek Hill Custom Homes’ Newest Luxury Rambler

We loved designing and building the 4,200 sf rambler in Excelsior, MN. Located in Minnewashta Landings and featured as the 2016 Parade of Homes model #325, the home blends all the elements that Creek Hill Custom Homes strives to offer - casual yet elegant architecture that carries through to sunlight-filled interiors with open floor plans.

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