Private Neighborhood Pools

Making Neighborhoods Fun

For years, private neighborhood pools were a huge thing - now not so much. Having a private area for members of the neighborhood not only brings the community closer together, but also provides a common and safe environment for everyone who lives in the community. They create an area for private events, community togetherness and a place to sit down and relax without having to worry about any unknown person who walks in.

Fortunately, private community pools have been on the rise again. Which means competition between home builders to bring the best possible entertainment. Many community pools have tons of amenities that include slides, water games like basketball or rope swings and many activities for children such as splash pads and an ever increasing rise of water sports. Many have even incorporated lazy rivers, saunas, hot tubs, and many other relaxing pool aspects. 

Not only do they provide leisure activities and areas for your children to play for hours on end; most have designated barbecue areas and picnic tables with seating and shade from the sun. The possibilities are endless for after-work relaxation and organized parties. 

Creekside Hills neighborhood in Plymouth, MN