Bring BIG Play Inside - Sport Courts

Indoor Sport Courts: The New Trend in Custom Homes

No more telling the kids (or grown up kids) to stop bouncing the ball inside! With indoor sport courts you can have BIG play right inside your home! Think cool, custom court! Think Minnesota Timberwolves court! Or, whatever design or color court you want!

This new trend brings a stunning sport court indoors, but in a sound-diminishing, 2-story, colorful recreational space that’s perfect for basketball, volleyball, tennis; whiffle ball, yoga, any type of activity…You get the idea – it’s a gymnasium and play area for everyone in the family! There’s no other room like it and you’ll find it’ll become one of your favorite places in your home.

BringBIGPlayInside - Creek Hill Custom Sport CourtsDesign aesthetics are not ignored in custom sport courts. Mike Hillesheim, President of Creek Hill Custom Homes says, “They’re just as much an extension of your style as the rest of your house. Our design team has helped many homeowners customize their sport courts to include elements like college team logos, professional team logos, color combinations that reflect family heritage and much more.” The sky’s the limit with color and design, which starts with the flooring. It adds big visual impact with blocks of color, logos, or bold designs, but it’s got real purpose too. SnapSports of Minnesota makes specialty sport court flooring for homes and commercial use that is impact and shock absorbent to reduce the chance of fatigue and injury. So go ahead and play that game of horse without the worry of a pulled muscle!

Wondering when you’ll use an indoor sport court?

Our answer… Anytime you want to get your game on! Whether it’s snowing, raining, or bright and sunny, day or night, you’ll utilize this fun space anytime you want to play or exercise. From early morning workouts to afternoon one-on-one games and playdates or late night pick-up games with friends or neighbors, you’ll love that indoor sport courts were invented!

These personal recreational spaces have become one of Creek Hill Custom Homes'' favorite rooms to design and build for clients and their custom homes.

Benefits of Indoor Sport CourtsMulti-Use Sport Court | Creek Hill Custom Homes

This new trend in custom homes brings fun and function indoors. Having a mini-gymnasium, as Maple Grove Magazinecalled them in their March 2013 issue, adjacent to your living space has a multitude of benefits.

  • Open space within your home to provide an exciting activity and exercise area for children, adults and even your pet!
  • Noise is contained so you don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors or being distracted by the kids playing dodge ball!        
  • High ceilings allow for a huge variety of activities
  • Multi-use. Although they often look like basketball courts, indoor sport courts are perfect for a variety of sports and activities
  • Easy to clean and not affected by moisture or humidity (unlike concrete)
  • Windows are built-in to let in exterior natural lighting
  • Add resell value to your home with a unique space

Cleaning Your Sport Court

If you’re wondering about cleaning or if you own a Creek Hill Custom Home with a sport court and want to know how to clean your sport court here’s how: A quick sweep with a broom or web mop is all you need for day to day cleaning of your sport court floor. Fordeeper cleaning, use a a mop with a mild cleaner or auto-scrubber to eliminate heavier dirt and dirt particles. Cleaning is quick, simple and trouble-free.

Indoor Recreation CreekHillCustomDesign with Creek Hill

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